Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beach Day

Photos by: Leonardo G.

Wearing: MinkPink Top // Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts // Zara Glitter Flats // Forever 21 'Sweet as Can Be' Necklace & Cat Eye Sunnies // H&M Bag 

Hello loves! 
I'm back! August flew past me but hopefully I can get back on track with weekly posts ;D 
This past Saturday was nice and hot so I took the opportunity to put on my short shorts and hit the beach. It felt super refreshing walking in the water, which was unbelievably warm. I chose to wear my favorite Zara glitter flats for that extra sparkle under the sun, and my small shoulder bag because on hot days the less you carry the better. 
If only SF had less foggy days... I LOVE hot weather, which is why I took a mini trip to L.A. last weekend. It was HOT. lol. I was sooo excited to see my lovely little nieces, I wish I could see them more often =/ [You can view pics from my trip on my IG: SFMICHELLE]
Anyone have any fun interesting stories to tell? Leave a comment down below! =D



  1. Cute outfit! And your skin blends in with the sand... Lol. People would probably be jealous of that. Haha. Good thing you're tanning! You need color on you! =P

    1. Aww lol girl I try tanning but I'm always as white as can be !