Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wear Black Wednesday

Wearing: H&M Dress || Asos Tights || Steve Madden Knee High Boots

It's Wednesday so that means all black everything. But really it's more like wear black everyday, right?

I've Been meaning to wear these Asos Tights I bought a while ago. I think all black suits them perfectly. I love the vamp look. 

P.S. I'm currently in bed sick =/ It's going around. Take care lovelies. Hope I'll be able to blog for next week.



  1. My comments aren't posting... My third one, so if there others pop up, you can delete these,,, Lol.
    Anyways... My statement was: Black everyday is not too good. I love black, but everyday?! Lol. But I love the whole outfit vampirish look. It looks awesome. ^^
    Three people called out sick today at work... You better feel better! Take care of yourself!

  2. Lovely dress