Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fresh Cut

When it comes time to get a hair cut or trim I panic. I never have a good experience at a hair salon. Us girls know that "trims," for the most part, are non-existant. Two inches becomes ten.
My hair has always been long. All the way down to my lower back. Within the last year I told myself I wanted to try a new color/style so I took a shot at it. I entered a salon and asked for long layers not knowing I would end up walking out with the worst cut in my life. 
It was horrible. Half my hair was chopped off and my "layers" consisted of one long (thin) layer and one short (thick) layer. Unbelievable. 
Well what could I do? The first few months sucked. Hair in a bun everyday until it grew. 
Almost a year later I once again step foot into a salon, and his time ladies I am beyond happy that I have finally found someone who knows how to style/cut hair. The very beautiful and talented Nalitha from La Tour Salon & Spa in Berkeley is amazing. She was able to give me the exact style I was looking for while keeping my length. Overall it was a great experience. The service, the environment, and the outcome. It doesn't get any better. I highly recommend you guy's to check this place out. They know hair, especially Nalitha. The photo above was shot right after my cut. I actually have layers now! Soooo in love with my hair. 



  1. I need to go to her for a hair cut! It looks beautiful. I've been wanting a hair cut, but I hate hair salons because they almost always never get it right. I've had friends and family cut my hair and they do okay if it's only a trim. I want to try something new too, so I would love to go there someday! Thanks Michelle!

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